virtualization virtual machine errorbits.comHow to install CentOS on Oracle VirtualBox

CentOS is one of the best Linux Distributions and is somehow the “little brother” of RedHat Enterprise Linux. It is used from home to enterprise environments because is very flexible and versatile operating system. Can be configured as a Web Server, BackUp Server, FireWall, Mail Server, FTP Server, Monitoring Server and many more.
Can be installed on PCs, laptops, servers and virtual machines, but comes already installed (embedded) on a lot of other devices: IoE/IoT devices, watches, portable HDDs, NASs, IP cameras, examples can continue.

Please follow the below steps in order to successfully install CentOS:

1. How to download and install Oracle VirtualBox?

2. Download CentOS DVD image

3. Watch the video below:

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How to install CentOS on Oracle VirtualBox