Linux_logo_errorbits.comWhat is Linux?

In the most simple terms, Linux is a computer operating system. It’s the software that enables computer applications and the computer operator to access devices on the computer to perform whatever function is desired. The operating system relays instructions from the application to the processor to accomplish whatever goal has been set out to do. It is, in essence, the nervous system of your computer… sending signals and messages to and from the user and the processor.

Competing with Windows, Linux has managed to earn a fair amount of popularity owing to its unique features like being a free software and supporting open source development.

Linux is one of the popularly used operating systems and a free software supporting open source development. Originally designed for Intel 80386 microprocessors, Linux now runs on a variety of computer architectures and is widely used.

10 of the most popular distributions of Linux:

Linux Mint
CentOS / RedHat Enterprise Linux
openSUSE / SUSE Linux Enterprise
Mageia / Mandriva
Arch Linux
Slackware Linux
Puppy Linux

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